Lifetime Jewelry Warranty

We stand behind the craftsmanship and lasting quality of every product we sell. All fine jewelry comes with our free lifetime jewelry warranty which covers any and all manufacturing defects for the life of the products.

For any damage to your jewelry, please contact us at your earliest convenience so that we can provide you with instructions on how to return your item to us for a complete evaluation.

Warranty service, repair or replacement, needed due to manufacturing defects will be performed free of charge, your only responsibility is to pay shipping to and from our location. Contact us for favorable insured FedEx shipping options.

Any jewelry repairs needed which are not due to manufacturing defect will be quoted prior to any work being performed on your jewelry. Further damages, or stone losses, resulting by not performing required repairs will not be covered under warranty.

Complimentary Ultrasonic & Steam Cleaning

We recommend having jewelry professionally inspected and cleaned every 6 months or as soon as an item has been exposed to physical trauma. All clientele enjoy unlimited free expert jewelry inspections, ultrasonic cleaning and high pressure steam cleanings.

Semi annual inspections are vital to extending the life of your jewelry. Often times, inspections are helpful in preventing stone loss by discovering stones that may have become loose during every day wear. Stones that are found to be loose due to wear and tear can be tightened at this time, just pay stone tightening labor costs. A quote will be provided prior to any workmanship being performed.

Warranty Exclusions and Conditions

The preceding manufacturer warranty, and complimentary ultrasonic and steam cleaning, is only extended to the original purchaser. Warranty is not transferable.

Repair services performed by any jeweler other than Gerry The Jeweler will void your lifetime warranty.

As with anything being worn, fine jewelry is subject to every day wear and tear. This is especially true for rings which, due to being worn on hands, are exposed to varying degrees of friction, activities and potential trauma on a daily basis. Wear and tear, loss of diamonds and gemstones as well as loss or theft of jewelry are all excluded from the lifetime manufacturer warranty coverage.

Other items not covered under warranty:

  • Restoration work not performed as recommended leading to damage, breakage or stone loss
  • Labor costs required to remove and reset a warrantied moissanite gemstone replacement. The new gemstone is covered under warranty in this scenario, labor costs and shipping are not included under warranty.
  • Prongs catching, bending, breaking or wearing thin which may also allow for stone losses
  • Stone loss, loose stones, or stones falling out which is due to chipped or broken stones caused by wear and tear or other types of damage
  • Ring shanks wearing thin due to regular wear and tear
  • Metal discoloration due to exposure to chemicals such as bromine and chlorine which are in most pools, jacuzzis and hot tubs
  • Mis-shaped rings that are off round, warped, dented, stretched, scratched or other signs of every day wear which were not apparent on the item as received at time of delivery of your new jewelry